Veterinary clinic

What we offer

At our current clinic, we strive to provide professional-quality work, helping pet owners and their pets: we treat dogs, cats and small mammals kept as pets, rodents, reptiles and birds.

In addition to general veterinary surgeries and vaccinations, we provide the owners with internal medicine, soft-tissue surgery and obstetric care for their pets.

Internal medical care is based on a very thorough physical examination, which is also indispensable for vaccinations.

In addition to outpatient care, we perform soft-tissue and ophthalmic surgery.

Of the so-called imaging diagnostic procedures, we have an ultrasound device available,which aids making an accurate diagnosis, so professional and targeted treatment of the pets can be started as soon as possible.

If local specialist care is not available for the animals, we offer the owners the opportunity and direct the pet to an appropriate specialist with a referral.

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