About us

Our staff

Dr. Balázs Maklári-Kis
founder, executive director
Dániel Maklári-Kis
executive director
Gergely Maklári-Kis
chief operating officer
Zoltán Veér
executive director
István Szathmári
store manager
Katalin Kavas
Orsolya Kiss
Dr. Tünde Fogarasi
veterinary specialist
Dr. Nikolett Molnár-Tóth
Dr. Flóra Farkas
Dr. Mónika Kulik
Dr. Éva Zelenka
Dr. Eleonora Balog
Fanni Fróna
sales representative
Bertalan Mészáros
Jovita Borbáth
Dorina Kis-Szölgyémi
Enikő Pánczél
Viktória Csordás

Our story

  • The veterinary clinic, founded by Dr Balázs Maklári-Kis in 1996, first opened in Béla király körtér (King Béla Roundabout), then called Kilián körtér (Kilián Roundabout), operating in a small area barely enough for an examination room of 30 m2, under the name “Körtéri Állatorvosi Rendelő” (Roundabout Veterinary Clinic).

  • In 1997, the one-person clinic was expanded with veterinarian Dr Szilárd Szlezák. Until 2002, veterinary activities covered not only the medical attendance of pet animals but also the treatment of farm animals.

  • In 2000, the team was expanded with two lady doctors. The increase in the number of staff made it possible for three veterinarians to perform the specialist tasks, while Dr Balázs Maklári-Kis practiced less and less veterinary duties, focusing more on the executive tasks.
    The young, dynamic team performed the important tasks oftreating pets within the confines of a small facility and the limits of modest equipment.

    The young veterinarians worked as a well-trained team, devotedly helping the animals and caring for the owners, but their dream was to have a more spacious, well-equipped clinic where all the tests could be done in one place.

    “Sometimes dreams come true, you just have to believe in them enough.”

  • The saying turned out to be true, the old “Roundabout Clinic” had the opportunity to move to a much more spacious (160 m2) location with many new opportunities in 2002, in Aradi Vértanúk tere (Arad Martyrs’ Square), the location of the old “Vértes étterem” (Vértes Restaurant).

    The veterinary clinic was thus expanded with a Pet food, equipment and Pharmacy store, which has an entrance on the opposite side of the clinic’s building but has direct access to one of the examination rooms. In addition, a dog and cat beauty salon was opened as well, where animals can be groomed in an intimate, sophisticated environment with antique furniture. The equipment of the clinic has also improved a lot, two examination and treatment rooms, a separate operating room and a state-of-the-art anesthesia machine were now available, which is essential for the modern and safe anesthesia of small animals. We can perform abdominal ultrasound and ECG examinations, we have an ultrasonic plaque remover device, and in the near future an X-ray machine would also be set up, expanding the range of diagnostic options in internal medicine. We can also perform on-site hematological (CBC) and biochemical blood tests with state-of-the-art automatic laboratory equipment.

  • The waiting-room was also renovated in 2007 so the minutes of waiting can be spent in more pleasant and very atmospheric conditions.

  • In 2010 we won the Pets’ Veterinarian Award, which gave the best feedback that we achieved our goal: owners are happy with our work.

  • In 2013, the Pet food, equipment and Pharmacy store was expanded into an ALPHA ZOO store, which is part of the first Hungarian-owned pet food and equipment store network.

    ALPHA ZOO has everything a pet or their owner may ever need. Our store offers the most recognized and reliable Hungarian and foreign manufacturers' products at reasonable prices. The professional background of the network is provided by Alpha-Vet Veterinary Ltd., the country's leading company producing and distributing veterinary medicines, pet foods and pet supplies, with 20 years of experience in veterinary clinics and veterinary medicine. The outstanding knowledge of their experts and decades of experience guarantee that the ALPHA ZOO offers the best product for every pet, whether it's equipment, food or medicine.

  • In 2014-2015, more new upgrades were introduced, our operating room was reconstructed, and the digital X-ray machine was set up.